Monday, 16 December 2013

Dont want to get sued... so a boring blog will do!

I got this blog but I am too scared to start using images of google to illustrate my point if you get me? Usually blogs are really colorful and have tons of pictures on but I am a bit scared of adding them to my blog after finding out that some big website called gettyimages goes around suing people who use there images and will fine them thousands of dollars if they catch you... ouch I dont have thousands of dollars I have only just got to America I dont want to be kicked about because I got sued and cannot afford to live any more... So I dont want to rn the risk either of my blog being deleted off blogspot because I use copyrighted images so Even though my blog will come across really dull and boring I wont be posting any images.. well no images I dont have the right to post anyway.. I will try to take my own photographs... maybe a few of around Boston and stuff. at least then if I take my own pictures nobody can sue me and stuff like that hehe... Maybe I am to overcautious but hearing so many horror stories of bloggers being sued I rather not risk it.

Gonna try to meet new people!

Just moved to Boston in America.. Now I am officially a immigrant living in America. Already i can see wide cultural differences between back home in Argentina and here. Boston is a really nice place especially at Christmas time but I am finding it rather hard and lonely to meet new friends so after reading this insightful blog post on the Boston college student sport blog about meeting new people through sport I decided to pick up my sports shoes and join in with the fun. Hopefully people wont be like ugh he is a immigrant and think i am a lesser person than them because i am not English.... I may choose to play football (soccer) then none will think I am no good at sports atleast because Argentina people are meant to be the best footballers in the world after all.. Messi, Maradona do I need to mention any more footballers for you to believe me? I thought not.Well wish me look this time next year I am sure I will be the most popular and best football people in all of Boston I am sure of it! Maybe I should start calling football soccer from now on so not to confuse my new American pals? what do you think or should I be stubborn?

Oh yeah before I forget (got to carried away wirting away) here is that post I mentioned from the student sport blog about sports and meeting people.